1. Attendee Menu – This is a scroll down menu that shows all of the options for maintaining player registrations. (shown as two images) Use the blue vertical scroll bar to move up and down the menu.

Attendee Menu Options:

  • Edit Registration – Change any part of the registration record for this player.
  • Payment History – View the payment history for this player.
  • Record Payment/Refund/Discount – Will show any of these options depending on the payment status of the player.
  • Messages – Show a list of all message that have been sent to the player.
  • *Send Email*- Send an individual email to this player.
  • Send Text – Send an individual text message to this player. (only available if text messaging is turned on for the tournament.
  • Give Refund (Stripe Only Option)
  • View Receipt – View the most current receipt for this player.
  • Update All Ratings – Will update all of the ratings for this player for all of the events that the player is currently registered for. The rating used is based on the tournament setup option.
  • Emergency Contact – View the emergency contact information for this player.
  1. Withdraw – Click here to withdraw a player from the tournament.
  2. Ratings – This shows the current ratings for this player. Self, WPR (World Pickleball Rating) and PBR (PickleballBrackets Rating) are always shown. Ratings of other sanctioning bodies are shown based on the tournament sanction status and settings. The current selected default rating selection is highlighted in green.
  3. Player Event Menu – The menu shows the options for updating this event for this player.
  • Withdraw From Event – Will withdraw the player from this event only. If this is the only event the player is registered for, they will also be withdrawn from the tournament.
  • Move to/from Waiting – Will move the player onto or off of the waiting list for this event.
  • Update Event Rating – Will update all of the ratings for this player for this event only. The rating used is based on the tournament setup option.
  • Withdrawn Player Menu – This menu shows the event options for a withdrawn player.
  • Add Events
  • Emergency Contact
  1. The Rating for this Player in This Event
  2. The Name of the Event
  3. The Partner and their Rating in This Event
  4. The Date that the Player Registered for this Event – If the player is currently on a waiting list, the waiting list date will also show.
  5. Withdrawn Info – This shows the date and time that the player withdrew and the name of the person who withdrew them (either one of the tournament directors or the player themself) If the player has user defined selections that were not deleted upon withdrawal, the word “Nonregistered” will appear with a gray background.
  6. Current Payment Status – PD – Amount Paid, DC – Discount, RR – Refund, Owe – Amount Owed (Shown in red if a payment is due. Will be shown as a negative number if a refund is due.)