When a regular ladder league session is set up, the league manager specifies the opt in date and time range for each game day.

About Opt Ins

  1. League managers set the maximum number of players who can opt in for a game day. They can also enable the waiting list. If opt ins are full for the day, players can go on the waiting list and will be automatically opted in if an opening comes up.
  2. The opt in time period is established by a date range. League managers may allow players to opt in for all game days as soon as they sign up for a session or limit the opt in date range to just the week or only a few days prior to the game day.
  3. League managers can also opt in players for the game day themselves, depending on who actually attends.
  4. Players must be opted in to be included in a game day playing group.

Players can opt themselves in or out from their phones or their computer by logging in to their pickleballbrackets.com account, selecting Leagues, My League Schedule, the name of the league and the Game Day button.

  1. Indicates a past game day that the player already participated in.
  2. Indicates that opt in is locked and the player is in. Only a league manager can opt a player out after the game day opt in is locked.
  3. Indicates that the game day is full and the player is out.
  4. Indicates that the player is not in but the opt in period has not yet started.
  5. Indicates that the player is out but may still opt in for the game day.

Click to Opt in and the display will turn green.