There are three different methods for locating a match to enter scores.

  1. Manual Search & Entry
  2. Playing & On Deck Screen Entry
  3. QR Code Search & Entry

All three use this score entry screen.

  1. Match number for this event.
  2. Cancel Match – Use this to cancel a match completely. Cancelled matches are not included in the final standings.
  3. Court Numbers – This will show only if this event has been assigned to a specific set of courts.
  4. Court Assignment – Allows the user to assign this match to any court.
  5. Referee – Allows the user to assign a referee to the match.
  6. Assign and Start – Click this to confirm assignments and start the match. Starting a match allows it to be displayed on the Court Assignments kiosk display.
  1. Score Format – Controls the acceptable entry of scores for this match.
  1. Team or Player Score – G1 refers to the first game. If the match is configured for more than one game, there will be spaces to enter all scores, ie. G1, G2, G3
  2. Forfeit – Click here if the team has forfeited. Score will automatically be entered for forfeited matches.
  3. Click on the X under the name of the winning team.
  1. Click the green Save the Scores button.