For merged events you have the ability to assign medals based on the original events in addition to the medals that are automatically assigned for the overall merged event. This is useful in situations where you had to combine different age or skill level events in order to create a playing bracket but still need to award medals according to the original age or skill level breakdown.

  1. Click on the event name in the Completed Queue. Merged events will have an extra column with this symbol:
  1. Click on the symbol to bring up the medal selection menu. The top portion of the screen shows the original event for the team. In the lower portion, select the original event from the drop down menu and then select the medal to be awarded and click the Assign Medal button.
  1. The event display with all medals assigned. There is now a colored medal next to the team name representing their finish within the original event.
  1. Both Medal Report and the Results screen on the tournament page will show the overall medals and all assigned medals.