1. Start Times Pulled From – During registration estimated start times will be pulled from each event record.This switch allows you to specify if, once you are ready to post official start times, where to pull those start times from.
    Daily Planner – Is a scheduling tool that calculated the entire tournament and displays it in a planner format where you can see how long a bracket may take. The times from this planner will be displayed on a separate page for players to view.
    Event Record – Pulls all start times directly from the event details page itself and displays them on a page for people to view.
  2. Post Start Times Now –.This displays start times immediately if this value is set to ‘Yes’. Only set this to Yes if you are ready to display start times.
  3. Court Assignment Type – This tells the Snapshot Planner, Daily Planner, and Score Input Process what style of court assignment is being used.

Designated: Select this option if you are assigning a specified group of courts to a bracket and having that bracket play all matches on those courts.

Next Available: Select this option if you are assigning each match individually as they are completed. This is used when you have players return their score sheets after each match. The system will then automatically print out the next available matches to be played.

  1. Is Sanctioned – Set this to Yes if you comply with USAPA sanctioned standards and have been approved as a USAPA sanctioned tournament.
  2. Members Only – If you specify a membership is required to play in the tournament then the registrant MUST have a value entered in that same field on their profile to register for the tournament. If there are multiple memberships checked then the registrant only needs to have 1 of the fields required filled out on their profile.