1. Join Current Session – Allows a player to join the current session.
  2. Detail Page – Shows the league details as they are displayed on the public website.
  3. Game Day – Allows a player to opt in or out for the current game day.
  4. Session Players – A list of all the players registered in the current session as they are ranked on the ladder.
  5. All Sessions – This will list all of the league sessions and allow the league manager to edit those sessions.
  6. All Session Game Days – This will list the game days for the current league session and allow the league manager opt players in or out, enter scores and manage play on the game day.
  7. Edit League – This allows the league manager to view and edit the league setup parameters.
  8. League Players – This shows a listing of all the current league players with their current payment history.
  9. Dashboard – (Coming Soon)
  10. Edit Current Session – Allows the league manager to modify details for the current league session.
  11. Edit Current Schedule – Allows the league manager to edit the game day schedule for the current session.
  12. Add a Session – Select this menu option to add a new session to the current league.
  13. Messages – Select this option to send messages to the current session players.
  14. Blank Score Sheets – Select this option to print blank score sheets in any scoring format.