The Print Spooler must be configured to match the parameters of the tournament. Click on the Settings menu option to configure the spooler.

Print spooler setup options.

  1. The Tournament ID – this comes from the Venue on your Edit Tourney Menu
  2. The Password – This is labeled as Print Spooler Code on the Venue.
  3. Venue – The Venue Code
  4. Batch Size – leave as 5
  5. Polling Interval – The interval in seconds, that will be used to search for new score sheets. Default is 30. Recommended is 15.
  6. Print Tie Breakers – leave on.
  7. Printer – Select your printer that will be used to print score sheets. A USB connection from the computer to the printer is recommended.
  8. Ink Color
  9. View Printer Information.
  10. Connection Source – Switch to if necessary.
  11. Accept and Save configuration changes