League Managers may create discount codes to distribute. Each code is unique and can be limited in scope and duration. Click on the plus sign to add a discount code.

Complete this form to generate a code.

  1. Title
    Give the code a title. That title will appear on the list of discount codes.
  2. Outside Code
    Use this for outside organizations such as clubs. This field is for future use.
  3. Code
    The system generates a random code that you can use. You may prefer to type in your own code that might be easier to remember.
  4. Discount Amount
    The value of the discount as a positive number.
  5. Number Issued
    Use this to limit the number of discounts available. This feature can be used to promote a tournament by offering discounts to only the first X number of players to register.
  6. Date Active
    Use this to limit the date range that the code will be valid.