The following pages list the parameters that control the operation of the session including how players are matched up each game day, how they move up and down the ladder, the points played based on the number of players and the columns that are show on the main player page.

  1. Serve and End – The system can designate the player who chooses serve and end for each game, giving it to the highest seed. Turn this off to allow players to choose.
  2. Scramble Seeding Within Group For Matches – This instructs the system to use different seedings each week to vary the player matchups within a group. This will prevent the same players from being matched up together every week if they are in the same group. This only applies to groups of 5 or more. If this is selected, the League Manager will not be able to manually move players from one group to another.
  3. Ranking Type – This determines how players can move up or down on the ladder. The following pages include detailed explanations of each choice.