1. Tournament Link for Sharing – Click to copy the tournament link. You may use this in your browser to view the current appearance of the listing as you are working with it, or to share with other tournament workers and committee members.
  2. Copy Tournament Button – Click to make a copy of the tournament. Copied tournaments can be used as templates for creating a new tournament.
  3. Tourney Code – Used by the Print Spooler to Identify your tournament.
  4. Print Spooler Code – Used to activate the Print Spooler.
  5. Country Played in – Enter the country where the tournament will take place. This may be different than the physical location of the sponsoring club.
  6. Club or Organization Name – This shows the name of the overall tournament organization or club.
  7. Fee Plan – This shows fee plan in effect for this tournament.
  8. Hide on Search – Turn this on to prevent the tournament from showing up on a search.
  9. Block Withdrawals – Turn this on to prevent players from withdrawing from the tournament while online registration is enabled.
  10. Advertise Only? – Switch this button to Yes if you only wish to list the tournament on the PickleballBrackets.com website for advertising purposes. The number of following setup options will then be limited to only those needed for the listing. The current advertise only fee is $500.
  11. Activate Player Text – Turn this on to authorize the extra fee for text messaging.
  12. Text Notifications – Turn this on or off depending on whether or not you want players to receive the text messages that you authorized.
  13. Email Notifications – Notifications are normally sent to players, with copies to tournament administrators, each time a registration is changed. This button will turn off or on all notification for this tournament. A good time to turn off notification is during the merging process of events so emails are not going out each time a player is moved.
  14. Waiting List Service – This action impacts ALL events. This is an automated service that moves players from and to the waiting list based on their registration and the settings for the specific event. Select “On” to have the service automatically scan registrations and move them from and to the waiting list. Select “Off” to turn this service off. NOTE: The waiting list service for individual events may be turned off from the event setup screen.
  15. Time Zone – Select the time zone of the tournament venue.
  16. Localization – Formatting throughout the site where this tournament is displayed will show information based on the local standards of the selected value.

For example:
- – - – - English – American will show Dates “Month Day Year”
- – - – - French will show Dates “Day Month Year”
NOTE: All text representing the tournament will be displayed as it’s typed. Selected Localization DOES NOT change ANY text entered by the tournament.
- – - – - All PickleballBrackets.com text throughout the site will be translated to the language of the viewer. (PickleballBrackets.com DOES NOT translate the text entered by the tournament.)

  1. Currency to Collect – What type of currency are you collecting payment in.
    PickleballBrackets.com will send PayPal or Stripe this currency code so all payments will be exchanged properly.The formatting of currency throughout the site where this tournament is displayed will show based on your selection.

For example:
- – - – - US Dollar [USD] will show “$1,111.00”
- – - – - Euro [EUR] will show “1 111,00 €”

  1. Show Public Date – This is the date this tournament starts to show to the public on the PickleballBrackets.com website. NOTE: This is NOT the registration start date. This ONLY shows the tournament. The registration start date is set further below on this page.