1. Verify – All events that have not been verified are located in the Verify Queue. When you select the Live Console Option from the menu, it defaults to the Verify Queue.
  2. Waiting – This Queue shows all events that have been verified but not yet started. Click on Waiting to go to the Waiting Queue
  3. Running – This Queue shows all events that are currently running. Click on Running to go to the Running Queue
  4. Completed – This Queue shows all completed events. Click on Completed to go to the Completed Queue.
  5. QR Reader – Opens a separate window to use for using the QR reader to scan score sheets to assign courts and refs and input scores.
  6. Court Desk – This opens the Court Desk which provides a single location for managing courts and score input.
  7. One Step Verify – This is a short cut method for verifying single and double elimination events ONLY.
  8. Blank Score Sheets – Click here to print blank score sheets in any format.
  9. Assign Refs After Play – This option allows a tournament director to assign refs to matches that have already been completed.