The settings on this page set all of the parameters for the online registration process.

  1. Allow Non-Member Sign-up – Turn this off to restrict entry to only those players listed as members of your Club
  2. Cost – Enter the session cost here. You can specify different costs for club members and non-members.
  3. New Players Start – If you are adding new players to a session that already has players from a previous session or that has started but is still accepting registrations, where do you want them to be placed on the ladder?
  4. Show to Public – When do you want this session to be shown on the public website? The session must be set to visible for it to show.
  5. Use Waiting List – Each session has a maximum number of registered players and a maximum number of players who can opt in for a particular game day. If the maximum number for the game day is met some session players were not able to get in, do you want to establish a waiting list that will automatically opt players in if there is a dropout for that day?
  6. Use Online Registration – Set this to Yes if you want players to register themselves. If the League manager will be registering players, and collecting registration fees outside of, set this to No.
  7. Current Players Early Signup Date – Allows players from an earlier session to sign up before the general public. This only applies to online registration.
  8. New Players Open Spot Signup – What is the date that new players will be able to start registering. This only applies to online registration.
  9. Age Limit Deadline – If this session is only open to a certain age range, what date will be used to calculate the player’s age?