1. Active – Do you want this question to appear on the registration? Switch to Inactive to turn it off.
  2. Question to Ask – This is where you type your question details. It can be as simple as T-shirt size or as complicated as a full description of a dinner menu that players can select when registering. Whatever you type here will show on the registration screen and on player receipts.
  3. Question Shorthand – Shortened version of the description to be used as a column heading for reports.
  4. Additional Required Fee – Use this for any MANDATORY fee that every player has to pay in addition to any registration fees. This might include such items as a referee fee or parking fee.
  1. Date Question Hides on Registration – This is the date when you no longer will allow players to answer the question. You can use this for items that must be ordered in advance such as t-shirts or meals. Players registering after that date would not have the ability to select that item.