Senior players, age 50 and over, will have ratings and skill levels in three different categories. Click each button separately to view the ratings. Younger players will only have an overall rating and skill level.

  1. Senior Rating – This shows a rating and skill level for all matches played where every player was age 50+
  2. U50 Rating – This shows a rating and skill level for this player for matches where at least one of the players was under 50 years old.
  3. Overall Rating – This shows the overall calculated rating and skill level for every match played by this player.
  1. Current Rating – The rating in dark black is the current rating for this player. It is updated on the first day of every odd month.
  2. Future Rating – This rating is calculated every day. It will reflect results from any tournament played since the calculation of the most recent current rating. On the first day of the next odd month, the future rating will become the current rating.


  1. Rankings listed under the current 8 digit rating are within the skill level.
  2. Rankings listed in the black box are within the event (all players).
  3. Future rankings are within the skill level.

Click on the blue Player Stats drop down menu for these additional options:

  1. Game Results
  2. Tournaments
  3. Graph