Event selection is the next step in the process of adding a player to the tournament.

The screen displays the basic information about the player, including skill levels and playing age, at the top.

The registration date is automatically generated when attendees register themselves. When a tournament director enters a registration they can select a registration date. By default the current date is selected. This feature is available for times when a paper registration is submitted and entered afterward and you wish to record the actual date that the registration was sent.

Only the events that this player is eligible for will display on the screen. Select events by using the drop down menu to switch from No to Yes for the events the player is entering. If an event is full, that fact will be shown and the Tournament Director will be able to put the player on the waiting list.

If a player has been selected as a partner by someone else, the partner name will show and the default on the selection menu for that event will be Yes instead of No.

Choose the events for this player and hit the green Next button to continue.