1. Use Online Reg – If you wish to use our online registration process then select ‘Yes’ here.
  2. Registration Dates – These are the dates you accepting registrations for the tournament. If you have chosen to display the tournament information on the website before registration opens, registration will not be allowed until the start date is met.
  3. Age Limit Deadline – This is the date used to calculate ages for the tournament. Usually set as the last day of the year the event takes place. ex: A player who turns 50 by 12/31/2019 can play in the 50-59 age bracket if the tournament takes place at any time during 2019.
  4. Max Events per Reg – This is the limit on how many events a player can signup for.
  5. Require Partner Phone on Manual Entry – If a player has to enter their partners information manually during registration because their partner is not in Pickleball Brackets yet, does the tournament require the player enter the partners phone. If “No” is selected the partner phone will not display as a field for the player if they manually enter their partners information. They will only be required to enter the player name and email address.
  6. Register Same ‘Player Group’ & ‘Format Combo’ – For example can a player register for all three of these events even though they are all Mens Doubles?

Mens Doubles 3.5
Mens Doubles 4.0
Mens Doubles Open

This means they would play in all 3 of these events.

Select ‘No’ if the tournament will not allow this.

Select ‘Yes’ if the tournament always allows this no matter what date the events are on.

Select ‘Different Dates Only’ if the tournament always allows this ONLY if the dates are different for each of the events.