A straight round robin event is configured so that every player or team will play every other player.

  1. Number of Rounds – The default for this is 1. For small groups, you may want to set up the event so that each player or team plays the others more than once. You can change that here.
  2. Medal Round Robin with Elimination Bracket – For a straight round robin event, select No and the final standings will be based on the round robin game results. You may also choose to add a playoff round by advancing the top X number of teams from the round robin event. Choose a single elimination or double elimination option here. You must advance at least three teams to a playoff round
  1. Custom Medal Round Options – If you choose a single elimination playoff option, there are three choices available.
    • Normal – First place vs. fourth place and second place vs. third place in the first round. Winners play for gold and silver, losers play for bronze. Two rounds of two matches.
    • Third seed automatically gets bronze and first and second play for gold/silver. One round of one match
    • First and second play for gold/silver and third and forth play for bronze. One round of two matches.
  2. Round Robin Head to Head tie breaker logic – In large round robin pools and double round robin events, there are often two or three way ties that cannot be broken by head to head results. In that case, you must specify the tie breaker logic to use for this event. The choices are the USA Pickleball logic or the Pickleballbrackets.com logic. Detailed descriptions of each can be found HERE.
  1. Order of factors for determining event rankings – The default settings for this conform to USA Pickleball requirements. If this is not a sanctioned event and results will not be sent to USA Pickleball, Tournament Directors may freely change the order here.
  2. Event Scoring Rules – Use these options to set the scoring rules for the event. The scoring rules control the verification of all scores entered during the event and the format of the printed score sheets.