General Purpose Prefixes


Any element prefixed with Header_ will appear on every page of a report. There can be more than one Header_ on a page. Its position is determined by its actual placed position on the template page. It does not necessarily have to be used at the top of a page. It does not define the top of the page, and text can be printed above the top Header_.


There can only be one Footer_ element per page. It need not necessarily be at the bottom of the page, its position is determined by its actual placed position on the template page. However, (unlike Header_) it is used during report generation to define the bottom of the printable page (rather than the paper bottom itself), and nothing can be printed below it with the exception of a PageInfo_ element.


A PageInfo_ element is the only element which can appear below a Footer_. Only one PageInfo_ element can appear on any page. It is most commonly used with the element [report.page_counter] to produce a report page number at the very bottom of the report page.


Any element prefixed with Row_ will appear multiple times, once for every data of the chosen type. For example, if the element internal name is Row_Text, and the text is itself [Channel], then a row will be printed for every channel in the show file.


Any element prefixed with RowHeader_ will appear once, on every page of a report. It is most commonly used to produce column headings in reports.


Similar to RowHeader_ but appears only on the first page of a report, after a cover page.


Use on page one of a report template to create a cover page. Place the normal report template on page two. Cover pages are optional, and will only appear once at the beginning of a multi-page report.

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