Version 1.3.1 contains bug fixes and feature enhancements. Show documents are backward and forward compatible with Moving Light Assistant versions 1.2 and 1.3.


  • DirectShow video format settings are saved and restored in the applications preferences.
  • Moving Light Assistant Installation includes Lightwright® 6 automated actions for exporting and importing Moving Light Assistant data with Lightwright® 6.
  • Improvements made to scripting engine to hopefully stop crashes when stopping a running script.
  • Canon drivers updated to v3.6.1.
  • Added ability for OSC to control some user interface elements of Moving Light Assistant.
  • Added new ‘Camera Control Setup’ dialog for running on macOS High Sierra.
  • Added ability to resize preset and cue photographs.
  • A warning dialog will appear if the machine running Moving Light Assistant is not registered on the licensing server.
  • When scripts are loaded at application startup (or via the Reload Scripts menu item), only files ending with ‘.txt’ or have a file type of ‘text/plain’ will be loaded. If you do not see a script in the ‘Manage Scripts’ dialog, double check the script file has ‘.txt’ at the end. Note that on macOS, it is possible to ‘Hide Extension’ which is fine if enabled as long as the actual file name has the ‘.txt’ extension.
  • Fixed issue where large amounts of console data would not be deleted from the ‘Manage Console Data’ dialog. Cue lists are now separated from cue data (the actual cue contents). For show documents with large amounts of cue data, it is possible to delete the cue data while keeping the cue list so you can still work with cue information (i.e. cue notes and photos). Note, that once data is deleted, save the document (preferably as a copy) and then use the ‘Clean Up Show Document…’ menu item and re-save once complete. This will remove the deleted data from the show document and the files size will be reduced.

Rig Data View

  • Added Fixture Power, Lamp Power and Weight columns. It is possible to export the Fixture Power, Lamp Power and Weight data when exporting a Rig Data text file. It is not possible to import these columns from a text file. The columns are available in Rig Data reports.
  • Fixed support for text file exporting and importing the ‘Label’ field.
  • Fixed issue where an ampersand is used in a fixture profiles DMX mode.

Wheel Loads View

  • If a fixture profile does not have any wheel graphics, a default wheel will be drawn.

Preset Documentation View

  • Added up and down buttons in the photo copy dialog to increment and decrement the cue number.
  • Fixed an issue where the channel image count would not be updated internally correctly which would cause issues when using the channel image count in scripts.
  • Fixed issue where editing a preset name would not update in Preset Documentation ‘Fixture’ view.
    Sorting by Focus Cue will order correctly if there is a ‘/’ cue list separator, i.e. 34/2.
  • Added pop-up menu to choose if a filter should equal ‘=’ the filter text, or contain ‘~’ the filter text.
  • Added a ‘Hide Ignored’ check box in the Sort/Filter area.
  • Added new ‘Follow Console’ button to toolbar. This button toggles to enable/disable the channel selection to follow the consoles channel selection when Moving Light Assistant is connected to a console (OSC for EOS or Tel-Net for MA2). Additionally on the EOS console you can select a preset in the view by typing on the console command line ‘Preset xx [Enter]’, where xx is the preset number.
  • Changed ‘Reconcile with Console Data’ icon in toolbar.

Preset Documentation – Fixture View

  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to sort by Set.
  • Fixed bug where view would not be correctly updated after a reconciliation.
  • Preset list will scroll to display selected preset when scripting commands change the selection i.e. PresetDocFixtureView:DispatchAction(“Select Last Preset”).
  • With the ‘Follow Console’ toolbar button enabled, the displayed channel will follow the consoles channel selection (only a single channel at a time).

Cue List View

  • Added up and down buttons in the photo copy dialog to increment and decrement the cue number.
  • The ‘Auto’ column is no longer removable in the Columns dialog.
  • If the ‘Auto’ column is not displayed, or is not currently in view, when you click on the Auto Photograph button, you will get a warning.

Camera Control

  • To allow control of cameras not directly supported by Moving Light Assistant, it is now possible for a script to be triggered when a photo needs to be taken. In the ‘Camera Setup’ dialog, there is now a ‘Script Trigger’ item in the ‘Camera Connection’ pop-up menu.
  • On macOS, there is a new function available to scripting (RunAppleScript) that can send AppleEvents to other applications running on the same machine. When used in conjunction with the Moving Light Assistant Image Watch Folder capability, this will allow the photo taking process to work in the same way as a camera connected directly to Moving Light Assistant.
  • Due to issues with camera control on macOS High Sierra using the Image Capture and Canon connections, there is now a new menu item in the Setup menu, ‘Camera (High Sierra)…’.

EOS Console

  • Added ability to import submaster data into a cue list. The cue list will be called ‘SUBS’. Submaster data can be used in the same as regular cues.
  • Fixed issue in cue data views where a channel would have multiple entries for each parameter in its own part. This may result in a slower import for some files.
  • For OSC communication, it is now possible to choose TCP (OSC 1.1) SLIP as a TCP format. The OSC format setting must match the setting on the console, either ‘TCP format for 1.0’ or ‘TCP format for OSC 1.1’.
  • Fixed issue when Moving Light Assistant would not receive OSC UDP packets when the console sends the packets to the broadcast address. The network ‘Service’ must be the first ‘Service’ in the Network Control Panel. It is possible to re-order the services in the Network Control panel.
  • Changed EOS CSV import to handle changes introduced in EOS v2.7 Beta where multi cell fixtures are used.
  • Improved EOS CSV import to handle changes in group data.


  • It is now possible to send OSC commands to Moving Light Assistant to control certain elements of the user interface. In the ‘OSC Setup’ dialog, there is now a checkbox ‘Enable OSC control of MLA user interface’.

Image Resize

  • A new item has been added to the Edit menu that allows for images within the show document to be resized. It is only possible to resize images while in the Preset Documentation Presets or Cue List ‘List’ views. Choose ‘Resize Images…’ from the Edit menu.

grandMA2 Console

  • Login will use user name and password set in the Settings dialog.


  • On macOS High Sierra, the ‘Print’ and ‘Print Current’ buttons are disabled. If you need to print, save the report as a PDF and then print the PDF document.

Rig Data

  • Added FixturePower and LampPower data placeholders. If you wish to add a ‘w’ after the power value, you would enter the text as… [FixturePower]w
  • Added Weight data placeholder. It will be displayed in the current units set in the preferences (i.e. Metric or Imperial).

Preset Documentation

  • Added ImageCaption and ImageFileName data placeholders. These are used in a PresetImage_ section and have the relevant caption or file name for the displayed image.
  • Added access to some Rig Data fields for channels/fixtures. The fields are RigData_Label, RigData_Position, RigData_Purpose, RigData_UnitNumber, RigData_UserField1 to RigData_UserField6.
  • The PresetDoc.lhf report template has been split into two versions. PresetDoc_Channels.lhf for channel numbers (i.e. EOS consoles) and PresetDoc_Fixtures.lhf for fixture numbers (i.e. grandMA2 console). Which version you use will be determined by the console type and how the fixtures are patched.


  • Fixed CueInfo:GetSelectedCueInfo().
  • Added SaveCueInfo(cueinfoStructure) so save changes made to a cue info structure.
  • Added PresetDocFixtureView:GetSelectedPreset() to get the preset object for the selected preset for the channel being viewed.
  • Added PresetDocFixtureView:GetSelectedPresetParent() to get the parent preset object that the channel belongs to.
  • Added PresetDocView:GetSelectedPreset() which works in the same way as PresetInfo:GetSelectedPreset().
  • Added PresetDocView:GetSelectedChannel() which works in the same way as PresetInfo:GetSelectedChannel().
  • Fixed CueInfo:GetSelectedCue where the Part field was not set on grandMA 2 show documents.


  • Added MA2 Position Rotate script which will set the 3D location and rotation on the grandMA2 from the Rig Data view.

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