Manage Console Data Dialog

The ‘Manage Console Data’ dialog displays all the console data currently in the show document. This dialog allows you to delete console data by data type from the show document as well as specify if any of the Cue Lists/Sequences contain the production’s rig check.

Cue Lists/sequences, preset/palette types and patch data can be deleted from the Moving Light Assistant show document by checking the ‘Delete’ box on the relevant list row and clicking the OK button. You will need to confirm the deletion of each data item. This action cannot be undone, and the data can only be retrieved by re-importing the data.

Cue Lists/sequences will appear as two line items, one for the Cue List and one for the Cue Data. As long as the Cue List exists, it will appear in the Console Data Cue List tab and you will able to add your own information to cues i.e. notes, photos etc. The Cue Data is the actual contents of each cue i.e. channel parameters. On productions where there are large amount of cue data, you may want to delete only the Cue Data to reduce the show documents file size as well as reduce the memory footprint of the Moving Light Assistant application. To delete a Cue List/Sequence completely, you will need to delete both the Cue List and Cue Data items. It is worth noting that by deleting the Cue Data you will able unable to get any cue or preset usage information in any part of the application.

Cue Lists/sequences may be defined as contains rig check cues, and will be ignored in channel and preset usage. This allows a channel or preset that is only ever used in a rig check cue to be correctly reported as un-used. To define a Cue List/sequence as part of the rig check, check the ‘Rig Check’ checkbox on the appropriate Cue List/sequence. Additionally, a range of cues within a list or sequence may be defined as rig check cues by entering the start and end cue numbers (double click on the ‘From Cue’ or ‘To Cue’ cells to edit). If these fields are left empty, it is assumed the whole Cue List/sequence is part of the rig check. It is possible to have multiple Cue List/sequences defined as part of the rig check.

Rig Check Cue Range

For the rig check ignoring functionality to work, it must be globally enabled in File->Preferences, under the ‘Console’ Tab.

Rig Check Option in Preferences

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