Version 1.1 includes new features and bug fixes from previous versions. All show documents will be upgraded when opened in this version.
New Features include:

  • Support for grandMA2 report importing.
  • New status bar at the bottom of the document window.
  • Changes to tethered camera control.
  • Support for embedded/nested presets/palettes (EOS & grandMA2 only).
  • Application update notifications.
  • New Groups and Effects views (EOS & grandMA 2 only).
  • Exporting of cue and preset documentation photos.

New Document window status bar

A status bar has been added to the bottom of the document window. On the left, the status of the currently displayed view will be shown. Any status messages that used to be displayed for a view at the bottom of the view will now appear in the status bar. To the right of the view status will be the progress indicator of the loading tracked cue data if console data is present. Next, the camera status is shown. The right side of the status bar, will indicate if the Rig Data view is in ‘Click Patch’ mode.

Loading of tracked cue data

The loading of tracked cue data which occurs when a show document with console data is opened, or after a console data import, has been moved to the background. This allows use of several areas of the application while it is loading. Any views or data controls that rely on the tracked cue data will be disabled until the loading is complete. The progress of the loading of the tracked data is shown in the new status bar at the bottom of the document window. It is fine to quit the application or close the document while the tracked data is being loaded.

Camera Control changes

The ‘Camera Control’ dialog no longer needs to be kept open while capturing images from a tethered camera. The ‘Camera Control’ dialog is now only used to choose and connect to a camera. Once this has been done, the dialog should be closed. The status of the camera is now shown in the new status bar. An icon will show if the camera is connected (Green = connected, Red = Disconnected). As images are downloaded from the camera, the file name will be shown in the status bar as they used to be in the floating ‘Camera Control’ dialog.

The Canon drivers are now using the latest version from Canon (v2.13) which supports the newer DSLR models.
This version should also fix issues seen when running on Mac OSX 10.8 and Windows 8.
If you change from one camera connection type, i.e. Image Capture to another connection type, you will need to relaunch the application. The newer Canon drivers do not like being loaded while Image Capture is active.

Check for updates

When the application launches and is connected to the internet, it will check that it is the latest version. It is also possible to manually check if the application is the latest version by choosing ‘Check for Updates’ from the Help menu. SeeCheck for Updates for more information.

New Group Data view

When importing EOS or grandMA2 files, the group data will now be imported. A new Console Data view is available to view the group data.

New Effect Data view

A new view has been added to the Console Data tab which allows you to view effect data for EOS and grandMA2. See Effect Data for more information.

Export of Cue and Preset Documentation Photos

It is now possible to export any photos stored in the show document using the new menu command File -> Export -> Photos...

Clean Up Show Document

In the File menu, the ‘Clean Up Show Document…’ command will now also remove any unreferenced fixture profiles or gobos/colours from the document. This is useful when you have custom gobos that are no longer used for instance, keep getting added back into the gobo library every time you open the show document.


Menu changes

  • New menu File -> Import Console Data -> grandMA2
  • Changed menu File -> Import Console Data -> grandMA Series 1
  • Changed menu File -> Import -> Lightwright 5... to Lightwright Text File...
  • New menu File -> Export -> Photos...

Bugs Fixed/Changes

  • Fixed issue where MIDI did not work on Windows OS.
  • Fixed crash that would occur if you double click a document to open the application for the first time.
  • Changed dialog that appears if the document being opened was created in a newer application version. It is now possible to cancel the opening of the document.

Rig Data view

Cursor Keys

Using the cursor keys to change the selected cell in the Rig Data table has been improved. When the ‘Edit’ text field has not been clicked or typed in, the left and right keys will move the selection a cell left or right.

Bugs Fixed/Changes

  • Fixed bug with Update Rig Data from Console Patch on grandMA 1 when comparing DMX addresses.
  • Fixed bug where you could not exit click patch until after first click.

Wheel Load view

  • When adding a new gobo to the library, the catalogue list will now show all the catalogues currently in the library.
  • Added checks to stop crashes where there are no positions on a wheel. Likely causes include incorrect number of positions set in the fixture profile verses the positions in a default wheel load.

Preset Documentation view

  • Fixed bug where padlock would grey out unexpectedly.
  • It is now possible to choose ‘tga’ files when adding images to a preset/channel.

Preset Documentation – Fixture view

  • Relayed out the user interface for a bigger resizable photo.
  • Added a Zoom button to open the photo at a larger size (the same as the Zoom button in the Preset Documentation and Cue List views).

‘Photo Edit’ dialog (Preset Documentation / Cue List)

  • When the photo has been clicked (to get focus), the keyboard shortcuts for ‘Copy’, ‘Paste’, ‘Select All’ and ‘Deselect All’ should work.
  • ‘Deselect All’ menu item should now enable correctly.

Cue List view

  • Apostrophe characters are now handled correctly in sequence names.
  • It is now possible to choose ‘tga’ files when adding images to a cue.
  • If a console type is not set by a console data import, the cue time for auto photo triggering will be determined by the ‘Duration’ field, or the combination of the ‘FadeTime’ & ‘OutFadeTime’ fields. Useful when the import ‘Cue List CSV…’ menu command has been used to import a cue list.
  • When using MSC over ethernet from the grandMA2, the back, and jump forward/back commands do not appear to work due to grandMA2 MSC issues.

Console Data – Cue Data view

  • Apostrophe characters are now handled correctly in sequence names.
  • Added ‘Fixture’ and ‘Part’ columns for grandMA2.

Console Data – Channel Data view

  • Apostrophe characters are now handled correctly in sequence names.
  • Added a checkbox to show grandMA 2 effects in parameters.
  • Added a checkbox to highlight grandMA 2 effects in parameters.

Console Data – Presets view

  • Added support for grandMA 2.
  • All Channels are now added to Channel list on the left side of the screen due to support for Global and Universal preset types on grandMA2.
  • Presets on grandMA2 use the preset ID instead of the presets name to more accurate preset use searching.
  • Nested/Embedded presets/palettes are now supported for grandMA2 and EOS. When displaying parameters for a preset, nested/embedded parameters will be highlighted in blue.
  • Checking for preset/palette use will now handle nested/embedded presets/palettes.
  • Checking for preset use will now handle presets used in effects (grandMA2 only).
  • Preset Use table at the bottom of the window is now split into Cues, Effects and Presets. Using the radio buttons above the table, you can choose to see the preset use in those data types (EOS & grandMA2 only).

Console Data – Patch view

  • Added support for grandMA2.

Channel Usage view

  • Act and scene number selection will only list cues that exist in the cue list now.
  • Channel table now gets focus so the up/down keys will now work correctly.
  • Fixed bug where EOS Focus Palettes were not reported correctly.
  • MA2 will now list presets with embedded presets and also presets used in effects.
  • EOS will now list nested palettes/presets.

‘Manage Universes’ dialog

  • Fixed bug where an address of 0 would crash application.

‘Manage Fixture Types’ dialog

  • Fixed issue where certain characters in a fixture types name would not allow the fixture type to be found and changed in the Rig Data view.

EOS Import

  • Import checks targets are loaded before loading levels. Stops NilObjectException if targets are not in file.
  • Modified Read routines to skip empty lines that may appear if there are odd line endings, like CR, CR, LF instead of a LF.
  • Cue lists should now be ordered numerically.

grandMA1 Import

  • Sequences should now be listed numerically (only on documents imported in this version).
  • Clean up of import threading.

grandMA2 MIDI Show Control

  • MIDI Show Control from the grandMA2 will trigger the Moving Light Assistant Cue List view as with grandMA1 and EOS consoles.


Rig Data

  • Weight field is now implemented to get fixtures’ weights. Units are set by the applications units preference.

Wheel Loads

  • Fixed issue where a wheel would draw off the bottom of the page.

Preset Documentation

  • Fixed bug where a crash would sometimes occur when copying the folder of PDF pages generated.

Cue List

  • Added option in Cue List ‘Report setup’ dialog to specify a cue range for the report. Leaving the cue fields blank will report all cues in the Cue List. Due to a bug where cue lists with hundreds of cue photo may cause the application to crash, it can now be broken down into smaller chunks of cues using cue ranges.
  • New grandMA2 specific report template has been added.

Fixture Profile Updates


  • Added MAC III AirFX.
  • Added MAC III Wash.


  • Updated VL3500 Wash FX to include wheel images.

Green Hippo

  • Added Hippotizer profiles (v3.14 & v3.20).

Clay Paky

  • Added Sharpy Wash 330.

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