Version 1.1.1 includes new features and bug fixes. This release mainly addresses improvements with only a couple of major new features. Show documents are the same format as v1.1, so it will not require to be upgraded and will remain backward compatible with v1.1.

New Features and Improvements include:

  • Support to capture still images from video cameras/input cards.
  • Improvements within the Preset Documentation view.
  • New Positions report.
  • Vx76 Cue List Import, 3D rotation and MIDI Show Control improvements.
  • Change to the grandMA2 export macro.

Video Still Image Capture

  • It is now possible to use a video camera (such as a web cam) or video input card to capture still images in the Preset Documentation and Cue List views as you would with a tethered DSLR camera. Video cameras/input cards supported by QuickTime on Mac OSX and Direct Show on Windows OS should be compatible.

Rig Data View

  • It is now possible to change the fixture type for a fixture in a similar way to editing other cells in the Rig Data spreadsheet.
  • Added a ‘Location/Rotation’ menu item to the Edit menu. The dialog that opens allows the X, Y & Z Location or Rotation to be converted, moved or rotated for all the fixtures or just the selected fixtures in the Rig Data view.

Bugs Fixed/Changed

  • The Return key should always advance down the spreadsheet for all data columns.
  • The spreadsheet should no longer jump back to the top when you add, delete or change the DMX mode for fixtures.

Preset Documentation View

  • It is now possible to select multiple presets in the Preset List. This allows multiple presets to be deleted and edited in the Preset List. It is possible to edit the ID, Preset Type, Set, Name and Focus Cue for multiple selected presets.
  • Select All/Deselect All now works in the Preset List.
  • The ‘Order By’ button has been replaced by ‘Sort By’ and ‘Filter’ controls.
  • ‘Photo Zoom’ dialog now has radio buttons to choose between viewing the Preset or Channel photo.
  • It is now possible to drag and drop pictures or picture files onto the photo area to add an image to a preset/channel.
  • Groups can be added to Preset Documentation to aid in the documentation of the conventional focus. Groups will appear as a Preset Type in the ‘Add Presets’ dialog. All the channels in the group will be added to the group in Preset Documentation.
  • Adding Channels manually will now set method to get fixture type based on available data.
  • A dialog will appear if you try to set the first used cue for presets/channels and the Main Show Cue List has not been defined in the application’s ‘Preferences’ dialog.

Bugs Fixed/Changed

  • The default column widths when running on Windows OS should no longer default to a width of zero.
  • Fixed bug where preset/channel photo mode would change when adding channels even if it was locked.
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to copy an image from a cue on a grandMA2 imported show document.

Cue List View

  • It is now possible to drag and drop pictures or picture files onto the photo area to add an image to a cue.
  • A new cue photo zoom window has been implemented.

Bugs Fixed/Changed

  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to copy an image from a cue on a grandMA2 imported show document.

Universe Dialog

  • Uses caching for a big speed improvement.
  • A new label in the window shows the total number of DMX slots for the fixtures in the Rig Data view, whether patched or not.

EOS Console

  • Effect data is now deleted from the show document when importing.
  • Fixed import bug which could cause some errors showing intensity palettes in the channel data view.

Vx76 Console

  • It is now possible to send the fixtures patch and/or dimmer patch to the console. Fixtures with multiple DMX addresses will also be patched correctly. This only works in Vx76 software v3.6 beta versions and v4.0.
  • It is possible to send the 2D locations to a specific layout. The layouts id number has to be used to specify the layout. The first user layout is layout id 3.
  • It is now possible to send the 3D rotation of a fixture to the Vx76. A pop-up menu determines what the values in the X, Y & Z Rotation columns are.

grandMA Series 1 Console

  • Fixed issue that would cause the application to crash when the report file from the console was not titled ‘report.tar.gz’.

grandMA Series 2 Console

  • In the new grandMA 2 software version 2.9, the existing export macro does not export the patch data due to changes in the grandMA 2 software. A new macro is included. The previous macro for use on grandMA 2 software versions prior to v2.9 has a ‘Pre v2_9’ name added to it.
  • Improved XML exception handling so as not crash the application.
  • Added method to remove invalid characters in the XML data that is exported from the console.
  • Import threading improved to stop some data being saved into the show document multiple times.


  • Cue List CSV import will handle stacks in Vx76 imports, separating them into separate cue lists/sequences.
  • MIDI Show Control will now handle Vx76 stack number to select the correct cue in the correct stack.
  • Window OS version now uses GDI+.


Cue List Report

  • Fixed issue where the images and cue info where not taking the cue part into account.
  • Issue still persists with cue lists with images over 100 pages will crash with an out of memory exception. When this occurs it is best to build the report using ranges of cues.

Preset Documentation Report

  • Added ‘FixtureNumber’ field placeholder.
  • Added ‘ChannelCue’ field placeholder.
  • Fixed bug where if a Preset Documentation report was cancelled, it was not possible to generate another Preset Documentation report without relaunching the application.
  • Fixed bug where if there was no preset data to report, the progress dialog would appear and not go away.

Rig Data Report

  • Added ‘FixtureOptions’ field to get the fixtures non-default fixture options.
  • Added ‘Separator’ element type. This can be used between fixture rows.
  • Added ‘FilterField’ & ‘FilterSelection’ fields to get the filter for the displayed data.

Positions Report

  • Added Positions report type to enable a report of the positions data to be generated. Available data fields normally used in a ‘Row_’ section


Data fields for additional trims normally used in a ‘RowTrim_’ section


Generic Report

  • Created a generic report type that allows access to any data stored in the show document. The Datasource in the report settings determines which database is accessed.

Fixture Profile Updates


  • Best Boy 4000 – Updated with gobos and part numbers.
  • Best Boy Wash – Added basic profile. No fixture option menus.


  • Impression 120RZ RGB – Added profile.


  • MAC 250 Entour – Added profile and gobos.
  • MAC 500E – Updated profile.
  • MAC Viper Performance – Added profile and gobos.


  • VL3000 Spot – Updated profile.

Clay Paky

  • A.Leda B-EYE K10 – Added profile.
  • A.Leda B-EYE K10 Easy – Added profile.
  • A.Leda B-EYE K20 – Added profile.

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