It is possible to import data from another Moving Light Assistant show document. Individual data types can be imported separately. The document you are importing from must be in the same document format as the version of Moving Light Assistant you are using. You will get a message if you need to update the document first. The show document you have open in Moving Light Assistant must be saved (or an unchanged document since it was opened) before you can do an import. It is only possible to import all the data of a specific type, i.e. Rig Data. When data of a particular type is imported, any data of the same type will be removed from the open document.

To Import Data

  1. In an open document click on the ‘Import Show…’ menu item in the File menu.
  1. Choose the file you wish to import from. Moving Light Assistant will analyse the file and then present the import dialog.

Import Show Dialog

Only the data types available in the source document will be enabled. The ‘Console Data’ check box will show the console data format. The data types are described below.

Rig Data

All the fixtures in the Rig Data view. It will also include any fixture profiles stored in the show document.

Wheel Loads

All the Wheel Loads. It will also include any gobos/colours that are on the wheels.

Preset Documentation

All the presets and channel data in the Preset Documentation view. It will also include any custom sorts.

Cue List Info

All the user entered information for cues (notes and photos). This will not include the console Cue List data, so if there is no console Cue List data in the destination document then you will not see any data displayed.

Console Data

All the console data from the destination document.

Production Info

All the production information such as logo, designers etc.

Patch Console Fixture Profiles

All the profiles defined in the Console Data ‘Patch’ view that allow matching to Rig Data when updating the view from the console patch.

Document Report Templates

All the report templates that are saved in the show document. This does not include the templates in the application’s templates folder.

Document Preferences

All the document settings such as custom Rig Data column names, preset priorities etc.

Once the import is complete, the document will be rebuilt and re-opened. The Console Data import log will show details of the import and if there are any errors. If an error does occur, it is best to go back to the saved original copy of the document as there will be incomplete data in the document otherwise.

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