Fixture View

‘Fixture view’ takes all the information entered via the ‘Presets view’, and displays it by fixture. Only limited information can be edited in this view as it is primarily meant to be a viewer. It is particularly useful when swapping out a fixture, and needing to see which focuses and presets will need to be checked and updated.
Fixtures are selected by their channel or fixture number. Click Display or press Enter on the keyboard to display the preset information.

Information displayed for the selected channel or fixture includes Preset Type, Preset ID, Preset Name, Cue, Set, Priority and a check box for ‘Focussed’. These are the same data types as in the ‘Presets view’. It is possible to change the focussed state by clicking the check box. A change of state here will be reflected in the ‘Preset view’, and vice versa.

It is possible to resize the ‘Focus Image’ area by clicking and dragging the drag handle between ‘Focus Image’ and the ‘Channel/Fixture/Preset Notes’ sections.

Order By

There is a drop-down list to change the order by which information is displayed.

Focus Order – The order the presets are listed in ‘Preset view’.
Preset ID – In numerical preset ID order.
Focus Cue – In numerical order of the focus cue number.
Set – In alphabetical order of required scenery.
Priority – In priority order, with the highest priority listed first.

Hide Ignored

The ‘Hide Ignored’ check box relates to the ‘Ignore’ check box in the ‘Presets view’. If both check boxes are ticked, the relevant preset will not appear in ‘Fixture view’. If ‘Hide Ignored’ is not checked in ‘Fixture view’, all presets will be displayed, irrespective of the ignore state set in the ‘Presets view’.

By selecting individual presets (by clicking on them), any images associated with that preset will be displayed in the ‘Focus Image’ area to the right-hand side of the screen. If multiple images are available, they may be selected using the cursor buttons below the image area. Preset details will be shown in the ‘Preset Notes’ area below the channel’s Preset List for the selected preset.

Focus Image

The image for the selected channel preset will be shown in this area. It is possible to change which image is displayed by the radio buttons below the image. In addition to be able to switch between the Preset and Channel Images, it is also possible to view the Cue Image (if one exists) for the cue specified as the ‘Focus Cue’.

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