Manage Universes

Manage->Universes displays information about the DMX universes in a show, and the fixtures patched to them.

The window is divided in two halves, with the left-hand side showing a list of universes, and the right-hand side showing details of an individual universe. There is a drag handle between the two panes to adjust their relative widths.

Beyond adding DMX universes, no information can be edited in this window. The window reflects patch information from Rig Data.

The Universe list shows the following information:

  • ID
    The universe identifier. This may either be a letter (or letters), or a number, as defined in the menu File->Preferences->DMX Format.
  • System
    A System is a logical group of DMX universes, generally controlled by one console. Shows with multiple consoles are described as having multiple systems. The system identifier can be a name or a number and is defined when universes are added, or via the menu Manage->Systems. By default, DMX universes are added to the ‘Main’ system.
  • Device
    Describes the node, gateway or NSP producing the DMX universe. For future use.
  • Output
    Describes the device port on which the DMX universe appears. For future use.
  • Fixtures
    The number of fixtures in Rig Data patched to the universe.
  • Used DMX
    The total number of DMX slots used by patched fixtures based upon their DMX footprint.
  • Free DMX
    The total number of free DMX slots in the DMX universe. Moving Light Assistant assumes all DMX universes have 512 slots.
  • Free Block
    The largest number of free DMX slots in a single contiguous block.
  • Block Start
    The first DMX slot of the largest free contiguous block.

The right-hand universe view displays the usage of each DMX slot within the selected DMX universe. It shows the channel number and the fixture type the slot is patched to, along with the individual fixture parameter. External intensity, colour and beam parameters are also displayed. Fixtures will be colour-coded alternately cyan and magenta to indicate blocks of DMX slots. If there are overlapping DMX addresses, they will be highlighted in red. Finally, the rigging position of the fixtures is displayed.

Adding DMX Universes

DMX universes must be manually added using the Add button. Moving Light Assistant will not derive the presence of DMX universes based upon Rig Data patch information.

Add Universe

Add Universe

The Universe ID can be entered either as a letter or a number, but the format will be converted to reflect the global DMX format as defined in the menu File->Preferences->DMX Format.
By default, ‘Main’ will be offered as a system name. If other systems have been defined, they will be available to select via the drop-down list. It is possible to have DMX universes with the same ID if they exist in different systems.
Once a DMX universe has been added, its usage will be displayed.

Removing DMX Universes

DMX universes can be removed at any time by selecting the required universe and clicking Remove. Deleting a universe does not un-patch or delete any fixtures that may be patched to it.

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