These are the internal name prefixes that determine how the report is populated. All elements must have unique internal names. Examples would be Header_Title, Header_ShowName, Header_ShowLogo etc.

A Preset Documentation report will first add a page for each preset photo. Only channels without their own channel photo will be listed in the Channel List to the right of the photograph. Once the preset photos are added, a page for each channel photo will be added.


Any element with the Header_ prefix will appear at the top of every page before any data to be displayed. Typically you would place the title of the report, name of the show or show logo on the page with this prefix. The header is the first item applied to a page.


Any element with the Footer_ prefix generally goes at the bottom of the page after any data to be displayed. Typically you would place the date or page number here. This is the second item to be applied to a page. Other report sections use the placement of footer items to determine where the bottom of the page is.


Generally the PresetHeader_ section is where you place the preset name, ID, notes etc. It will appear on every page and will contain data specific to the preset being displayed. This is the third item to be placed on a page. As such, it will not have access to any channel related data. Any sections after the PresetHeader_ will have access to channel related data.


Generally the RowHeader_ section is where you place column titles for the list of channels in a preset. It will appear only once on a page.


Row_ items are placed for every channel in the preset. If a channel has its own channel photo, it will not appear in the preset’s Channel List, but will appear in the page specific to the channel. Typically this is where you have elements to display the channel or fixture number, fixture type and channel specific notes.


PresetImage_ elements contain the current preset or channel photo data. This will be the image, description, caption and file name. The data passed to these elements depend on the report page being displayed. i.e. the correct preset or channel image for the page.

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