Updated June 12, 2019

Self-Study Requirements have been revised

Updated as of April 22, 2019

Types of Accreditation

This section offers a clarification of three categories of accreditation, incorporating the previous section of System Centers. Includes the section on Satellite Programs, which has been revised.

Maintenance and Renewal of Accreditation (Revisions)

  1. Year 1, Year 2, Year 4, Year 5
    In each of these years, centers will have a review of their Dashboard and a Focused Portfolio Review. These reviews are conducted by volunteer committee members, with reports submitted to the Accreditation Commission. The Focused Portfolio Review is an review of a particular component of the center’s portfolio. The Accreditation Commission will determine on an annual basis which Portfolio components will be examined in a given year. The Commission shall provide centers with a minimum of six months notice of the focus of the next year’s review. Please note that although only a portion of the portfolio will be officially reviewed, the entire portfolio must be available to the Accreditation Commission at any time.
  1. Year 3 – Mid-Cycle
    Consists of a Comprehensive Portfolio Review and a on person, peer site visit. The purpose of the peer site visit is to offer collegial and collaborative consultation on aspects of the center’s program, but with a focus on its accreditation materials in the center’s portfolio. Peer site visitors are trained volunteers who are assigned by the Accreditation Commissioner, with input from the center. The site visitor will document their visit for the center and this will become a part of the center’s portfolio.

Requests for Review Postponements – Revised for clarity

Transitions in Centers – This section was previously called Inactive Status

Registration of Student Units – The last date for registration of student units was changed from 14 to 21 to coincide with the 21 day time period for end of unit evaluations.

Clinical Placements and Agreements – Revised

Educational Placements and Agreements – Revised

Defining a Unit or a Half-Unit of CPE

Revision to the supporting document for Educator Workload