Once an ACPE CoP has been registered, and established a circle of membership, the community assumes a commitment and responsibility to its members, as well as to ACPE, to meet the intended core purpose and goals. The ending of a formed community cannot be a rash decision, nor taken lightly.

An ACPE CoP may be closed in any of the following circumstances:

  • The group is no longer active.
  • It has achieved its principle purpose.
  • It has been assessed in consultation with the PWB Committee to no longer serve its original core purpose or has drifted from its agreed goals.

Any active members of a community must first be in consultation regarding an intent to close/disband a community. The group should consider alternative ways that may bring greater life to the CoP; or, if ending their time as a community is the appropriate action.

A notice must be sent to the PWB Committee of the intent to close/disband the community. This notice should include a recognition of the group’s achievements, acknowledge members’ contributions.

An online community will be removed; and, a notice will be posted and shared as appropriate by the ACPE office regarding the closing/disbanding of the community.