For ACPE Certified Educators who are not directly supervising a unit of CPE within the required three-year period and who wish to remain active in ACPE (i.e. not retired), the following is an explanation of the requirements that must be met. Please note that contract supervision (either for a unit of ACPE CPE or for supervision of an ACPE CEC) satisfies the requirement of item #3.

Yearly Requirements

  • Maintain ACPE Certified Educator membership annually
  • Complete 50 hours of continuing education requirements annually.
  • Complete Your Peer review (in the year scheduled)

Over the Course of a Three-Year Period

(Commencing January 1 of the year following last official supervision)

Must do one (1) of the following and document in your portfolio:

  1. Serve as VP, directors, area managers, coordinators, hospitals managers, etc. in an ACPE accredited center/system and providing oversight of an ACPE program
  2. Serve on the Board, a commission, a board-appointed committee/taskforce for ACPE
  3. Serve as a Theory Mentor

Must participate actively and regularly in two (2) or more of the following and document your involvement in your portfolio:

  1. COP meetings focused on education with actively practicing educators (ACPE CEs)
  2. Leading CPE didactics or verbatim seminars
  3. CPE CEC educational consortiums
  4. ACPE conferences
  5. ACPE certification phase review or certification committee (old process)
  6. ACPE theory integration presentation or theory paper reader (old process)
  7. Peer Review of an ACPE Certified Educator
  8. Competency reviews for ACPE Certification
  9. Professional Advisory Group (PAG) for an ACPE Accredited Center
  10. Accreditation Portfolio Reviewer
  11. Accreditation Site Visit Team Member

Questions should be addressed to the Professional Well-Being Committee.
Failure to meet these requirements will prevent one from remaining an active ACPE Certified Educator.