Once granted Provisional Accreditation, a program has up to two years to become a fully accredited program. If the program desires, they may begin the process of moving towards full accreditation as soon as they have completed 2 (two) units of CPE.


  1. Initiate consultation with their assigned Accreditation Commissioner.
  2. Submit form for Accreditation Review Request.
  3. Ensure all materials in the Accreditation Portfolio are current, including a self-study for the program, and that the program is in good standing. All materials must be ready for review a minimum of 60 days prior to a scheduled site visit.
  4. Plan for and host the Site Visit.
  5. Respond to Site Visit Report Part I according to established timeline.
  6. Receive Site Visit Report Part II.
  7. Await notification of Commission Action (30 days following the conclusion of the Commission Meeting) for Initial Accreditation, which is valid for six years. See Periodic Reviews under Commission Actions for more information.