The ACPE recognizes that volunteers give generously of their time and energy, taking time away from their personal commitments, as well as their practices/groups, in order to participate in ACPE business. It is important to ACPE that the travel policy be fair, consistent, and easily understandable. It must provide for prompt and accurate reimbursement of expenses incurred. ACPE policy must also fulfill all obligations as required by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and adhere to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

ACPE will provide reimbursement for travel expenses (as specified in this policy) to staff members and to those serving in a leadership capacity for ACPE business, only for the days required to fulfill their role within the organization. Travel and lodging arrangements shall not be made prior to confirmation of agenda. If changes are required due to premature booking or for personal reasons, the individual will be responsible for any related change fees imposed by the carrier. Those not serving in a staff or leadership position of any ACPE event, (i.e., registered attendees) shall not be reimbursed for travel related expenses.

Domestic Air Travel:

  • Travelers are required to book the most cost effective travel fare, at least thirty (30) days in advance of business travel, for the time period required to fulfill the work of ACPE, at a cost not to exceed $650 per round trip.
  • Any round trip fare that exceeds $650 must have prior written approval from the Associate Executive Director before booking. Failure to obtain prior written approval may result in limited or denied reimbursement. ACPE does not reimburse for the use of private planes.
  • Flight changes for business or emergency reasons may be reimbursed up to $150 per round trip, with written approval by the ACPE Treasurer.
  • ACPE will reimburse for the standard cost of one checked bag, the costs of travel insurance, upgraded seating, early boarding, or bonus mileage purchases up to a maximum of $60 per event. ACPE does not reimburse for a second checked bag, or overweight baggage.

E-tickets vs. paper tickets:
All travelers are encouraged to use electronic tickets or tickets issued at an airport kiosk. ACPE does not reimburse for convenience fees associated with the provision of printed boarding documents, replacement of lost paper tickets, nor delivery fees.


  • Lodging accommodations shall be made by the traveler, in compliance with ACPE’s published directions regarding the host site, or in consultation with ACPE Conference Services. ACPE shall ordinarily reimburse lodging expenses for accommodations at the contracted host site for ACPE events, or at the lowest cost option for smaller meetings not otherwise contracted.
  • Accreditation Site Team visits shall be reimbursed for the reasonable cost of a private room at the designated hotel, though team members may share rooms if they choose.

ACPE shall reimburse business travelers for meals in conjunction with official ACPE business only during the days required to fulfill their role in the organization. Reimbursement will be for a maximum of $20 for breakfast, $25 for lunch, and $40 for dinner. Tips may be no more than 20% of the sub total. Tip amounts over 20% will not be reimbursed. Itemized receipts are required for reimbursement and each receipt is to be submitted individually, as funds cannot be carried over from one meal to another. All catered meals or those provided for by ACPE shall not be reimbursed. ACPE shall not reimburse for meals taken in lieu of ACPE-provided or sponsored meals, or for meals after travel has concluded (i.e., after return flight).

Other travel expenses:
ACPE shall reimburse business travelers for usual and customary miscellaneous expenses related to travel in conjunction with official ACPE business. Allowable expenses in this category may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fees related to Internet access, as required to conduct the business of ACPE, based on access charge and reasonable cost.
  • Customary gratuities for baggage handling, etc.
  • Ground transportation to and from airports using the recommended and/or most cost effective means. Tips may be no more than 20% of the fare. Tip amounts over 20% will not be reimbursed.

If a master account has been established for billing at a host hotels, only the room and tax shall be applied to the master bill. Any other incidental expenses shall be paid by the traveler and may be claimed on the expense voucher as appropriate. Personal expenses including but not limited to, child care, pet care, entertainment, and toiletry purchases are not reimbursable.

Automobile travel:

  • ACPE shall reimburse business expenses traveling in conjunction with ACPE business via personal automobile at the published US Government Internal Revenue Service annual mileage rate. If a personal vehicle is used in lieu of airline travel, mileage reimbursement may not exceed the cost of the a commercial 30-day advance coach airfare.
  • Automobile rental for travel in conjunction with ACPE business shall not ordinarily be reimbursed, unless the cost of fuel plus the cost of automobile rental is less than the cost of a direct flight, and unless prior written approval is obtained from the Associate Executive Director.
  • Public transit is the most cost effective and reimbursable means of ground transportation whenever possible and feasible. Otherwise, the use of a low cost shuttle or ride-service (i.e., Lyft, Uber, etc.) may be used. Tips may be no more than 20% of the fare. Tip amounts over 20% will not be reimbursed.

Extending Travel for Personal Reasons:
Add-on or personal travel is defined as travel, either before or after ACPE business, that is scheduled at the sole discretion of the traveler. All expenses during the business travel will be reimbursed under standard policies, while additional expenses incurred for add-on travel are the responsibility of the traveler. This includes airfare for stop-overs and flight changes.

Expense reporting/receipts:

  • All requests for reimbursement of business travel must be submitted via the electronic expense reimbursement system employed by ACPE, available through the ACPE website. If you are in an ACPE leadership role, and are not able to access or engage the on-line system, please consult with the Associate Executive Director. Use of paper forms for reimbursement is limited to necessity, e.g. when travelers experience technical difficulties accessing the system.
  • All charges except tips and tolls require a receipt supporting the expense. Any amounts greater than $25 without proof of purchase shall be reimbursed at the $25 maximum. As required under U.S. Internal Revenue Service guidelines, receipts for meals shall be detailed showing individual food or beverage items; ACPE does not provide for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Hotel receipts shall include detailed room folios.

Expense reports (with attached receipts documenting all costs) are to be submitted through the on-line system within thirty (30) days of the completed travel. This ensures timely reimbursement and accurate record keeping. Reimbursement is typically issued within 14 business days of ACPE management receipt and approval of vouchers.

Exceptions to any travel reimbursement policy must be requested and approved in advance by the Treasurer, Executive Director or Associate Executive Director. In the case of exception for one of these authorized approvers, the next level of management or leadership shall be the designated approver. All exceptions are to be brought before the Finance and Audit Committee for review and ratification.