The Core Curriculum is spread out during Phase I and Phase II, and is designed to provide a consistent baseline of knowledge and information for our aspirants. The curriculum is comprised of video presentations and the aspirant is required to write a response to the reflection questions provided by the presenter that is uploaded to their portfolio. The video recordings are introductory in nature and are designed so that the training ACPE Certified Educator can build upon them.

All of the videos are located on the ACPE website and the ACPE YouTube Page. Additionally, the PowerPoint presentation from the video is also included for reference.

The curriculum seeks to facilitate supervisory identity formation, the integration of personal and professional identity, and the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities which demonstrate competence at a mastery level consistent with the highest standards of CPE supervision.

The Core Curriculum topics for Phase II are under development, but will include:

Understanding the Accreditation Process
Professional Ethics
Evidence Based Practice and Research
Expanding One’s Own Portfolio: Engagement and Involvement with ACPE