ACPE programs are accredited to offer units of CPE for Level IA, Level IB, Level IIA, and Level IIB.

Programs wishing to offer Certified Educator CPE must seek and receive this level of accreditation through a separate process. Click here for more information about adding Certified Educator CPE.

Each program site determines which levels of CPE it will offer each year and must have a policy and process in place for advertising this to the public and sharing with students:

Information must include:

  • the level (Level IA, Level IB, Level IIA, Level IIB),
  • the duration (i.e. number of weeks) of each program,
  • the specific dates for each program.

Programs may have students learning at multiple levels within the same unit.

Every unit of CPE consists of 400 hours and depending on the level of student achievement, students will earn 0, .5, or 1 credit for the unit.