Upon the successful conclusion of the Integration Interview, the CEC is granted the title of ACPE Certified Educator. There are three distinct designations of certification:

ACPE Certified Educator: An ACPE Certified Educator is entitled to supervise Level I/Level II students.A Certified Educator may be given a Professional Development Plan that will include recommendations for continued growth. The evaluation of the educator’s initial Professional Development Plan will take place as part of the Peer Review Process.

National Faculty Eligible: A Certified Educator who was certified without a Professional Development Plan or who has completed their professional development plan as affirmed by their Peer Review Team becomes National Faculty Eligible.This means that should the individual desire, they are eligible to engage in the process of becoming a member of the National Faculty by participating in a focused program of learning geared to the education of future educators.

National Faculty: ACPE Certified Educators who agree to engage in a process of ongoing professional development and who are recognized by their peers, through the formal Peer Review Process, as committed to continuing professional education in their work with CECs are considered National Faculty Members. This will be an optional add-on to becoming an ACPE Certified Educator that can begin one year after one has achieved National Faculty Eligible status.