Section 3.01, Members. The Association may have different types and classes of members as appropriate for continuation and engagement in the purpose of the Association. The definition and designation of such types and classes of membership, and qualification and rights of members shall be contained in the policy manual. Membership may be individual or corporate.

Section 3.02, Membership Maintenance. Membership is maintained by meeting Association standards, ethics, and payments of annual membership fees.

Section 3.03, Voting Rights. Individual members have one vote in Association elections. Institutional/corporate members have one vote in Association elections. Affiliate members are not eligible to vote in Association elections.

Section 3.04, Designated Representative. Non-Individual members of the Association shall designate ONE representative to vote on its behalf in all Association elections and to take such other actions on behalf of such member as may be permitted by the Bylaws or the Act.

Section 3.05, Transfer of Membership. Membership in the Association is not transferable or assignable.