An ACPE accredited educational program serves to advance the mission of ACPE. CPE programs provide experiential learning, the goal of which is to develop and foster the art and practice of spiritual care. CPE students learn from the people they serve, their peers, and ACPE Certified Educators. Through these interactions, CPE students learn to provide spiritual care in the midst of the living and dynamic human experience.

ACPE programs shall operate in alignment with all ACPE Accredited Program Standards as well as the related required procedures established by the Accreditation Commission to facilitate a center’s compliance with the Standards.

The accreditation process is designed to be one of appreciative inquiry —giving special attention to understanding the uniqueness of each center and how it has chosen to meet the standards. Centers will develop portfolios that will contain examples of the work they are doing and that demonstrate a center’s compliance with Standards.

Accreditation by ACPE is intended to be a:

  • matter of relational accountability – a member commitment to meet professional Standards of practice
  • worthy endeavor that benefits the program, the certified educators, and the students
  • culture of mutuality, collaboration, and appreciation
  • transparent and consistent process
  • continuous alignment and improvement of a center’s work, toward what is best in the education of students

Although the accreditation process is marked with formal benchmarks and reviews, the process is designed to be an ongoing dialogue between the program, the ACPE Certified Educator, and the Accreditation Commission.