Individuals must meet the requirements for an ACPE Certified Educator

CriteriaACPE honors certification of specifically identified associations whose standards and ethical values are equivalent to those of ACPE.

ACPE currently has agreements of reciprocity with the following associations:

Required credentials – Individuals holding similar credentials in an association with which ACPE has declared reciprocity can seek recognition as an ACPE Certified Educator.


  1. Applicants should contact the ACPE office at certification@acpe.edu to confirm which organizations ACPE has current reciprocity agreements and for specific procedures to be followed and required documentation to be submitted for reciprocity.
  2. Upon receipt of required documents and verification that the applicant meets the specified requirements, the ACPE office will send an invoice for fees and appropriate forms.
  3. Upon receipt of payment and completed forms, the ACPE office:
    1. enters the individual in the ACPE database as an ACPE Certified Educator.
    2. lists the individual as a new ACPE Certified Educator in the ACPE newsletter.
    3. forwards links to required materials (manuals, standards, forms, etc.) to the individual.