All Level I/Level II students are to enroll in each unit of CPE through the ACPE website prior to the completion of orientation or, in the case of a year-long residency, within the first week of the unit. It is the responsibility of the ACPE Certified Educator to ensure that all of their students have enrolled themselves properly into the unit. If there are any issues with enrollment, please contact Kimberly Palmer at for assistance.

If a student withdraws from the unit prior to the end of orientation, the ACPE Certified Educator may ask for the student’s enrollment be deleted by contacting Kimberly Palmer at

If a student withdraws from the unit after orientation, they must be given zero “0” credit in the database. See Registration of Student Units for more information.

Regardless of the credit given to a student (0 credit, .5 credit, or 1 credit for the unit) the student unit fee is the same and is billed quarterly.

Certified Educator Candidates (CECs) do not enroll in Certified Educator CPE Units. Upon acceptance into the ACPE Certification Process, CECs will be linked to their programs and the program will be billed the yearly fee.