Section 8.01, Form of Notice. Notice may be delivered by print, electronic or telecommunications means. Such notice shall be deemed to be delivered or given at the time when the same shall be thus sent, mailed or distributed.

Section 8.02, Waiver of Notice. Any notice required to be given under the provisions of the Act, the Articles of Incorporation, or the Bylaws may be waived in writing or by electronic transmission signed by the person or persons entitled to said notice, whether before or after the time stated therein. Such waiver must be delivered to the Association for inclusion in the minutes of the meeting in question or filed with the Association’s records. Attendance at a meeting shall constitute waiver of notice and waiver of any and all objections to the place of the meeting, the time of the meeting, or the manner in which it has been called or convened, except when such attendance is solely for the purpose of stating, at the beginning of the meeting, any such objection or objections to the holding of the meeting or the transaction of business at the meeting.