The Commission will make the following information available to the public via its website and the Accreditation Manual:

  1. Each type of accreditation and provisional accreditation it grants
  1. The procedures that institutions or programs must follow in applying for accreditation, provisional accreditation, or substantive changes may be found in the Accreditation Manual
  1. The standards and procedures it uses to determine whether to grant, reaffirm, reinstate, restrict, deny, revoke, terminate, or take any other action related to each type of accreditation and provisional accreditation that the commission grants
  1. The institutions and programs that the agency currently accredits or provisionally accredits and each program’s next six year review may be found in the online member directory on the website. Written comments about accredited centers are especially welcome early in the year of the ACPE accredited center’s scheduled review. For a listing of programs up for review, visit the ACPE website.
  1. A list of the names, academic and professional qualifications, and relevant employment and organizational affiliations of the commission and the key staff members may be found on the ACPE website.

Additionally, the Commission shall:

Provide for the public correction of incorrect or misleading information an accredited or provisionally accredited program releases about—

  1. The accred­itation or provisional accreditation status of programs
  1. The contents of reports of on-site reviews; and
  1. Commission actions related to accreditation or provisional accreditation of programs.