At the end of Phase II, there will be both informal and formal reviews of the CEC’s portfolio. The informal review of the CEC’s portfolio will take place with the CEC’s peer group and will provide the CEC and training educator valuable input and feedback.

The formal review, at which it will be decided that the CEC is ready for the Integration Interview, will include:

1. The training educator
2. The Certification Commission Reviewer
3. The Theory Integration Presentation Mentor
4. A Certification Commissioner who was not part of the CEC’s process (chosen by the ACPE office)
5. A National Faculty Member of the CEC’s choosing.

This group will review the evidence, data, and artifacts to ensure that the CEC has adequately demonstrated each competency. Following their review, they will determine if the CEC has met the required competencies and is able to schedule the Integration Interview. This review will be done via video conference.

In preparation for this review, the CEC will ensure that the assessment form is completed listing the evidence for each competency.

This form should be reviewed by the training educator prior to the portfolio being shared with the the rest of the group who will ensure its completion.

Any concerns about the CEC’s competence that arise from this review of the portfolio shall be shared with the training educator and the CEC so that the concerns may be addressed prior to the scheduling of the CEC’s Integration Interview. The training educator, along with the Certification Commission Reviewer, will make the determination that the CEC has adequately addressed the expressed concerns, after which the Integration Interview shall be scheduled. In the case of a disagreement between the Certification Commission Reviewer and the training educator, the Chair of the Certification Commission shall be consulted.