The Certification process is designed to allow Certified Educator Candidates to progress at their own pace. As a competency-based process, it is expected that a CEC will make consistent, regular progress in their Certification process. In addition, a CEC is required to be actively linked to a center that is accredited to offer Certified Educator CPE with a member of the National Faculty who will serve as the primary educator.

Leave of Absence While Remaining in the Certification Process

In the event that a CEC is not able to remain active in the process for more than 6 months, but will remain actively linked to their current center, they must request a leave of absence (LOA) that shall be granted for up to one year from the date it is granted. The LOA is renewable for up to two additional years, not to exceed a total of three years. The center is responsible for maintaining the relationship with the CEC and for continuing to pay the CEC registration fee each year as part of the annual membership billing.


  1. The CEC shall first seek approval for a leave of absence from the local center. If approved by the local center, then the CEC shall submit the request to the Chair of the Certification Commission. The chair will review and either authorize or deny the leave of absence. It will be documented and dated in a letter to the CEC, the center, and copied to the ACPE office. The same process will apply to a request for a renewal.
  1. Educator Activity during LOA — During the leave of absence, the center remains responsible for the payment of the yearly CEC fee to hold their place in the certification process. However, the CEC may not supervise students during a leave of absence.

Taking a Hiatus from the Certification Process

If a CEC leaves their center or if a center does not approve a leave of absence for a CEC, then the CEC has two options:

  • The CEC may apply to another center, and once accepted by the new center then seek permission for a Leave of Absence (see above)
  • The CEC may take a hiatus from the Certification Process by contacting the Certification Administrator in the ACPE office and informing their CCR of their intentions.


  1. If the CEC is applying to a new center, they will apply directly to a center that is accredited for Certified Educator CPE. As long as the time frame is within three years from the date they left their previous center, the CEC does not need to participate in the ACPE admission process again. The CEC may enroll in the new center and continue in the process and continue to build their portfolio.
  2. If the CEC’s hiatus has exceeded the three-year point, they will apply and be accepted to a center and will also need to participate in the ACPE admission process for consideration. The CEC will need to update all of their materials in the portfolio.

This policy was revised 2.10.2020