A Certified Educator Candidate may request a leave of absence (LOA) which shall be for one year from the date it is granted. If there is need to extend the leave, a letter requesting the additional one-year extension, not to exceed a total of three years, will be sent to the Certification Commission Chair. Ordinarily, only one LOA may be taken during the certification process. A LOA may be granted for, but is not limited to the following: personal, medical, parental (new baby), military, care of seriously ill (child, parent, and spouse), loss of center or educator.


  1. A request will be submitted to the Chair of the Certification Commission. The chair will review and authorize or deny the leave of absence. It will be documented and dated in a letter to the candidate and copied to the ACPE office.
  1. If an extension is requested, the Commission Chair will authorize it or not and will document and date the approval of the extension with a letter to the candidate and copied to the ACPE Office.
  1. Educator Activity during LOA — During the leave of absence, the CEC is out of the process totally for the duration of the leave. A CEC may not supervise students or access the certification process.
  1. Re-Entry — To re-enter into the Certification process, the Certified Educator Candidate must be accepted into an accredited center and meet a Certification Commission representative for a consultation. The Commission Chair and the Certified Educator Candidate will determine material requirements for the consultation. Note: The recipient of a “Leave of Absence” is encouraged to stay in collegial relationships with colleagues and is free to initiate individual consultations as needed/wanted.