Changes in Personnel


  1. ACPE Standards require centers to maintain faculty composed of persons authorized by ACPE and of sufficient number to fulfill program goals.
  2. Centers may not conduct CPE programs unless a person authorized by ACPE is present.
  3. Centers may satisfy the requirements by employing or contracting with an ACPE Certified Educator on an interim basis.
  4. Certified Educators must complete the Changes in Centers, Programs, and Personnel Form as soon as they know they are leaving a faculty position, regardless of size or composition of center.
  5. See Transitions in Centers for when an accredited center is without an ACPE Certified Educator.

Substantive Changes


Centers with Provisional Accreditation and Accredited Member centers must notify the Commission of any substantive change(s) with potential for or adversely affecting capacity to meet ACPE standards and accreditation requirements for centers or programs as soon as possible.


  1. Complete Changes in Centers, Programs, and Personnel Form.
  2. Events requiring notification include:
    1. institutional ownership change, mergers or consolidations that affect the CPE program;
    2. ownership change;
    3. institutional and/or center name change;
    4. program discontinued; or
    5. center closure.
  3. The center will be contacted if there is a need for further follow up.
  4. The Commission takes action as needed at its next meeting.