Updated February 2022

Phase I of the current Certification Process includes the acquisition of knowledge and emerging demonstration of competence. As such, the CEC engages in supervision and education alongside the training educator, with progressive autonomy in certain areas. Phase I is further subdivided into two parts, helping to delineate a CEC’s role in the process. See below for a visual representation.

Phase IA: ACPE Certified Educator maintains a live presence in the room

  1. Orientation and welcome to the CEC process, both locally and nationally
  2. ACPE Certified Educator and CEC form an educational plan for Phases I and II and upload to portfolio
  3. CEC completes core curriculum webinars and uploads responses to portfolio
  4. CEC’s stages progressive autonomy shall be determined by the ACPE Certified Educator

Phase IB: ACPE Certified Educator provides direct supervision

  1. The ACPE Certified Educator determines the readiness of the CEC move into Phase IB. Development of progressive autonomy continues.
  2. The Theory Integration Project and Presentation process begins when the CEC has:
    1. completed the Core Curriculum for Phase I
    2. had opportunities for observation and active co-supervision of students
    3. an understanding of various theories/theorists they want to pursue

Phase II: Independent education under supervision

Phase II of the current Certification Process includes integrative work and the demonstration of increasing competence and independence. Leading to Certification, this phase includes integrative work, increasing competence, and greater independence, allowing CECs to hone their abilities to self-supervise and to master the art of seeking consultation while under the supervision of their ACPE Certified Educator.