The ACPE Certification Process has two parts to the admission process:

Part One: Application and acceptance to a local ACPE Accredited Center
Part Two: Application and acceptance to become a Certified Educator Candidate with ACPE

Applicants begin the process by downloading and completing the Application for Certified Educator Programs from the ACPE website. The first page of the form should be completed and emailed to the local center and to the ACPE office. Upon receipt, the ACPE office will send the applicant information about setting up the portfolio to upload their responses to the questions on page two of the application. Additionally, the ACPE office will send the applicant an invoice for the $350 application fee.

The Portfolio

The portfolio is an electronic set of documents that serve as a guide to and a record of an aspirant’s journey and work. It gives both educators and aspirants a controlled space to document, review, and analyze content learning and assessment of the competencies. Items in the portfolio include (but are not limited to) video presentations, all papers/reflections/reflections written throughout the process, theory integration presentations, rubrics illustrating the attainment of competencies, evaluations, and recommendations.