Persons Seeking Certification as an ACPE Certified Educator:

Students must give written permission to the use of their clinical material as well as recorded and/or live observation media pertinent to the ACPE Certified Educator Candidate’s (CEC) educator’s process toward certification as an ACPE Certified Educator by signing the Consent Form.

  • Following the action of the Certification Commission, and when the time limit for appeal has lapsed, all materials submitted about students will be destroyed..
  • ACPE may keep on file a copy of the face sheet, copies of all Certification Commission Presenters’ Reports, and copies of all Certification Commission Action Reports.

Research: If information in student records or in an ACPE Certified Educator’s records is considered of research value, and a CPE center or ACPE desires to collect and use such material for research, a release form shall be made available for the person’s signature. No personally identifiable material will be used for research without the person’s written permission for its use.