As a learning organization, ACPE requires that centers gather data in a variety of forms. This data serves as “evidence” of a center’s compliance with standards and of its programmatic and educational effectiveness. As a center embarks upon continuous improvement processes, data collection is essential to understanding the ways in which the program and curriculum are or are not working, that the center is on target for achieving/maintaining compliance with standards, and to ensure that the student experience matches the stated goals and objectives of the program.

Required Areas for Data Collection

  • Applicant, Admission, Enrollment, and Completion Statistics
  • CPE Program Evaluations (to be completed at the end of each unit after students have received their end of unit evaluations)
  • Exit Interviews with Students (to be done at the conclusion of a student’s last unit)
  • Alumni Questionnaire

Centers may develop and utilize a variety of data collection techniques. In addition to uploading the raw data to the portfolio, centers shall also conduct an analysis of the data, noting particular trends, influences, and other items of interest.