When there is compelling evidence that a CPE student(s), CPE program, educator’s colleagues or self is in immediate danger because of the functioning of any person authorized to as an ACPE Educator, the Executive Director shall enjoin the person from supervisory practice for 72 hours.

During this period, the Executive Director of ACPE shall appoint an Emergency Review Committee as follows: 1) an ACPE Board Member 2) Certification Commission Chair, 3) Professional Ethics Commission Chair, and 4) Accreditation Commission Chair.

This panel shall investigate the concern. Should the panel determine by majority vote that a student(s), CPE program, educator’s colleagues, or self is endangered, it is authorized to suspend credentials for up to sixty days, pending a competency review by the Certification Commission and/or action by the PEC. The Executive Director shall notify the administrative person responsible for the ACPE program of any actions taken under this provision. In the event of the unavailability of the Executive Director, the ACPE Chair shall assume this role.