An ACPE program may voluntarily withdraw its accreditation when circumstances dictate. The Accreditation Commission may also withdraw a program’s accreditation as a result of failure to comply with ACPE Accreditation Standards. If a program allows its accreditation to lapse, it will be considered an voluntary withdrawal.


1. For voluntary withdrawal, an accredited program which will no longer offer programs of ACPE CPE must notify ACPE of the intent to close the program and withdraw its accreditation by using the Changes in Programs and Personnel Form. Within 10 days of receipt of a voluntary withdrawal, ACPE notifies the Secretary and appropriate agencies.
2. For involuntary withdrawal, ACPE notifies the program, public, USDE and other accrediting agencies following the procedure for notifications.
3. Fees must be paid and up to date. ACPE invoices the program for any outstanding fees or fees to cover the portion of the year the program has been open and any student units registered and not paid.
4. Student records must be secured according to ACPE policy.


The Accredited Program will:

1. Complete the Changes in Programs and Personnel Form
2. Submit documentation that all student units completed are registered with ACPE before the effective date of closure.
3. Pay all outstanding fees due to ACPE. This may include annual accreditation fee (pro-rated if appropriate) and all student units reported during the current year.
4. Arrange for storage of student records in accordance with ACPE records policy.

4.1. In the absence of an ACPE Certified Educator, only the appointed designee indicated in the program’s policy and procedure for student record management is authorized to retrieve student records with a student’s written request and/or to secure and ship student records to ACPE.
4.2. The program ships the student records to the ACPE Office, c/o Accreditation: ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care and Education, 1 Concourse Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30328. It is possible to provide electronic records as well. Students’ records shall not be open to anyone outside the CPE program except with the student’s written request and permission.