All ACPE Educators are obligated to the following:

  1. Adhering to the ACPE Code of Professional Ethics as attested to by one’s professional peers and constituents through on-going program review.
  2. Completing and documenting 50 hours minimum of continuing education and spiritual development annually.
  3. Supervising students in an ACPE accredited program at least once every three years or participating in other CPE-related educational activities
  4. Maintaining faith group endorsement.
  5. Maintaining ACPE membership in good standing.
  6. Participating in peer review at least every three years in accordance with ACPE guidelines.
  7. Following ACPE standards, processes, and practices including, but not limited to, timely and professional submission of all required program reports, center reviews, fees, and dues.
  8. Maintaining appropriate educator/student ratio.
  9. Demonstrating ongoing written and verbal communication skills that are articulate, professional, and cohesive.
  10. Demonstrating cultural humility and multicultural competence.